Latihan soal

Choose the best answer by crossing the letter a, b, c, or d

Text 1. for number 1-3
For all the students of class 7, the extracurricular activity (volley ball and basket ball) will start on Monday, February 3rd, 2011 at 03.00 p.m. Please contact your instructor for enrollment.
Thank you
Mr. Muhammad Harun
  1. The announcement is about…
  1. The school regulation.
  2. The extracurricular activity.
  3. The school enrollment.
  4. The students activity.
  1. The students should … before join the extracurricular.
  1. Come to school
  2. Bring a volley ball
  3. Enroll first
  4. Start the activity

  1. Mr. Muhammad Harun is …
  1. The principal
  2. The teacher
  3. The student
  4. The instructor

Look at this notice

  1. What does the notice mean?
  1. We can drive at 80 km
  2. We can drive more than 70 km
  3. We should not drive more than 70 km
  4. We are allowed to drive at 80 km

  1. Dina : Do you like this jacket, Toni?
Toni : I do. What about you, Dina?
Dina : I like its model, but I don’t like the colour.

What does dina feel about the bag?
  1. She likes its model and colour.
  2. She likes its colour.
  3. She dislikes its model.
  4. She dislikes its colour.

  1. Tina : Dewi, what do you think of my performace last night?
Dewi : That was great! You danced gracefully. I like it
Tina : Really? Thank you.

What did Tiara perform last night?
  1. A play
  2. A dance
  3. A song
  4. A speech

  1. Your nephew suffers from Dengue Fever. She is in the hospital. Which one is the suitable note for him?
  1. Get well soon.
  2. Have a nice holiday.
  3. Congratulation. You have made us proud.
  4. Good luck

Text 2. for number 8-10
Morning class, listen
Its time for the test. Prepare a piece of paper.
Remember, don’t make any noise.

  1. Is the above note written?
  1. Yes, it is
  2. Yes it does
  3. No, it isn’t
  4. No, it doesn’t

  1. Who says the note?
  1. The presenter
  2. The headmaster
  3. The students
  4. The teacher

  1. Where did it announce?
  1. In the classroom.
  2. In the library
  3. at school
  4. at the office

  1. Don’t make any noise” it has the same meaning with…
  1. Don’t be very quiet
  2. Don’t be silent
  3. Keep your set
  4. Keep silent

  1. Sandy : can you tell me about Goji, an elephant in the Gembiraloka zoo?
Andika : it is a big animal. It has a long … and a short …
  1. Trunk, tusk
  2. Trunk, tail
  3. Ear, trunk
  4. Tusk, eyes

Text 3. for number 13-15
Name : Anisa Dwi Wulandari
Address : Malioboro street, number 13 Yogyakarta
Date of birth : 25 September 1985
Occupation : Civil Officer – dentist
Workplace : Permata Bunda Public Health Center

  1. Whose identity is it?
It’s …identity.
  1. My friend’s
  2. Anisa’s
  3. Permata Bunda’s
  4. Public health’s

  1. .....?
She lives at Malioboro street, number 13 Yogyakarta
  1. Where does she live?
  2. Where does she work?
  3. Where was she born?
  4. Where is her office?

  1. What is her occupation?
  1. a teacher
  2. a nurse
  3. a doctor
  4. a dentist

  1. My mother wants to make soup, she needs some materials to buy, she writes a shopping list
  1. 0,5 kg of carrot, 0,5 kg of apple, 0,5 kg of Cabbage, 1 kg of meat.
  2. 0,5 kg of carrot, 0,25 kg of tomato, 0,5 kg of orange, 1 kg of meat.
  3. 0,5 kg of carrot, 0,5 kg of sugar, 0,5 kg of cabbage, 1 kg of meat
  4. 0,5 kg of carrot, 0,25 kg tomato, 0,5 kg of Cabbage, 1kg of meat.

  1. Adinia : Sania, may I borrow your English book?
Sania : Sure, here you are
Adinia : …
Sania : You’re welcome.
  1. Of course
  2. Thank you
  3. Certainly
  4. Sure

Text 4. for number 18-19
Diva : Look the girl over there! She is Sarah,(18) …?
Salsa : Sarah?? Yeah, you are right
Diva : She looks pretty with her costume, (19)…?
  1. a. isn’t she
b. is she
c. doesn’t she
d. does she

  1. a. isn’t she
b. is she
c. doesn’t she
d. does she

  1. Look at the woman!
She is my … She is my father’s sister.
She is a beatiful woman.
Her body is tall and thin.
  1. Mother
  2. Grand mother
  3. Aunt
  4. Cousin

  1. Agung : What are you looking for?
Tyas : My wallet.
Agung : Is it …? I find it under the table.
Tyas : Yes, thank you.
  1. Me
  2. Mine
  3. Hers
  4. Yours

  1. Look at the picture.
It means
Gambar dilarang lewat

  1. The road is winding
  2. The road is slippery
  3. You may not enter this street
  4. There are a lot of winding turns

Read the following family tree and answer question 25-27

Irwan + Santi
Hanung + Nia Hanung Martin + Sonia Martin
Teddy Hanung Vinska Martin
  1. Hanung is Vinska’s …
    1. Father
    2. Uncle
    3. Aunt
    4. Brother

  1. Teddy and Vinska are …
    1. Cousins
    2. Nieces
    3. Brother and sister
    4. Son and daughter

  1. Which the following statement is true…
    1. Santi is Vinska’s mother
    2. Santi is Hanung’ sister
    3. Santi is Nia’s mother
    4. Santi is Teddy’s sister

  1. What does the notice mean?
    1. You may not step on the grass.
    2. You may walk on the grass.
    3. You may plant the grass.
    4. You may sit on the grass.

The picture means that Students are not allowed to (27)….
(28)…. the classrom
  1. a. sleep
b. walk aroud
c. run
d. eat and drink

  1. a. at
b. in
c. on
d. in front of

  1. May your wishes come true.” The synonym of the underlined word means …
    1. Happiness
    2. Hopes
    3. Loves
    4. Greets

  1. Why does Tiko send the card?
    1. To express his love for her sister.
    2. To make her sister wishes.
    3. To congratulate Tiko on his birthday.
    4. To congratulate his sister on her birthday.

Text 5. for number 33-35
Now, let me tell you about my house. It is big enough and nice. It has two floors. There are a living room, a small kitchen and a bathroom on the first floor. On the second floor there are three bedrooms and a bathroom. My parents’ bedroom is big. My brother’s room is next to my room. My room is small, but I like it. It has light green wall. There is a desk with computer on it. I do my homework there.

  1. The monolog is about the speaker’s …
    1. House
    2. Bathroom
    3. Room
    4. Garden

  1. The following are the rooms on the first floor, except…
    1. a livingroom
    2. a bathroom
    3. a kitchen
    4. a bedroom

  1. It has light green wall ( line 4). It refers to…
    1. Kitchen
    2. My room
    3. Livingroom
    4. My brother’s room

Text 6. for number 34-35

To : Fendi

Please come to class 7A2 tomorrow at 1 p.m. we will practice “Qira’ah”. Don’t forget to tell Doni about it.


  1. Who writes this memo?
    1. Fendi
    2. Venti
    3. Doni
    4. Teacher

  1. What does she write memo for?
    1. Asking Fendi to stay in the classroom
    2. Asking Fendi to practice “Qira’ah”
    3. Looking for Doni and Fendi
    4. Looking for class 7A2


  1. Describe this cat with your own words. At least five sentences. (deskripsikan paling sedikit lima kalimat)

  1. Arrange these sentences into a correct and a good announcement!
  1. Please be on time
  2. Chairman
  3. To all English club member,
  4. Kaila
  5. There will be a meeting on next Saturday at 1 p.m.

  1. Your friend won the singing competition. Make a greeting card to congratulate your friend!

  1. Arrange these sentences based on the pictures above to make delicious boiled noodle.
  1. Put noodles into 2 glasses of briskly boiling water.
  2. Your delicious noodles are ready to be served.
  3. Put seasoning, vegetables oil and chilli powder in a bowl.
  4. Mix the noodles well with all of the seasoning.
  5. Cook the noodles and simmer for 3 minutes.

  1. Write a memo to ask your friend to return your English book, because you will have an English test on Thursday.

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